The yatra or the holy pilgrimage taken up by devout Hindus and Buddhists is considered to be one of the most soul stirring and inspiring journeys in the world. If you are a true seeker of spirituality then this experience should not be missed out on. The entire circuit is placed on a very high elevation amidst the expansive and wide cold desert of mustang valley which is located in Nepal. The temple of muktinath, as the name suggests, is dedicated to lord vishnu’s form of muktinath i.e. the justice giver and a restorer of peace.

However, one has to be very well prepared, mentally and physically, to complete the trip since it takes you through some of the most awe inspiring, challenging and difficult journeys. People start their prep a month early and reaching here requires proper planning. Availing a tour package for muktinath via helicopter is the most convenient ways of getting to this legendary dham. It will not only guarantee a timely VIP darshan of the lord but will also take you on a fun packed sightseeing in Kathmandu as well as Pokhara. Experiencing the sacred land from up above is a very uniquely spiritual thing to do at least one in a lifetime.

Most preferred by physically challenged people, senior citizens or people on a limited vacation duration helicopter journey will cut down your number of days with ease and comfort. The panoramic and stunning bird’s eye view enables you to have an exhilarating time. These packages for helicopter yatra to muktinath take you from Muktinath or Pokhara to the temple of Muktinath via a 15 minutes of flight journey from Jomsom. Available at the most affordable prices and with a complete guarantee of a soulfully safe pilgrimage, reaching muktinath by chopper will be the perfect option for a devotional vacation.