Privacy Policy

Mr. Pilot believes in offering complete satisfaction to all their passengers by arranging all the travel or holiday requirements and it understands that the personal details provided by you are to be kept safe and secure within their company only. We ensure our clients that their personal information like name, contact number, address, etc. are kept under proper protection and is never going to be shared with anyone in any circumstances.

Also, to save your time we have equipped many of our pages with cookies that serve its motive of saving all the information you searched on your last visit and this is how when you visit the page back you get all the data saved on your system. Although we would like to make it very clear that the information you provided to us is collected in our database but that is just used with a motive to bring certain improvement or modification. Your credentials (like address or contact number) asked by our team is only to communicate with you at every step and in every possible way.

We promise you that your details which you share with us during the registration process are never going to be disclosed with any 3rd party and only to secure your credentials we ask you to follow certain relevant steps appropriately if you want it to be secured between you and us. Also, we have introduced the latest technology features which guarantee security and safeguard all your relevant details by restricting it to us. However, none of such cases have come into notice that our customer's details have been misused yet we always starve to bring the latest technological innovations to secure your credentials in a much better way.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

As we offer you all with various tour packages and the same happens with the cancellation policies of these packages. There are varied policies to cancel the package and one needs to follow certain terms and conditions to cancel your tour package. We request our clients to check our booking guidelines carefully so that you don’t make mistake and don’t need to cancel your ticket but if you are cancelling your ticket due to any other reasons like due to any mishappening at your home then check these cancellation policies.

Cancelation and Refund Policy for Non-Helicopter Tour Packages
Cancelation Policy
Refund Policy for Helicopter Packages

If in case your flight is cancelled due to bad weather or technical glitches then-