Places to Visit near Kedarnath Dham

Kedarnath Dham temple is highly revered for every devout Shiv Bhakt and pilgrims in general. It is primarily visited by devotees from all over the world especially during the peak pilgrimage season in the summer months. Other factor which works perfectly in its favour is its location on the hills which makes it a great getaway option for not just pilgrims and devotee but also for explorers, adventure seeker and people on their spiritual quest as well. However, this ancient holy temple is much more than just a place of Shiva worship, here are a few remarkable destinations in and around the temple which will add a hint of adventure to your travel plans:

Vasuki Tal

This sweet water lake near the temple of Kedarnath Dham is one of the most preferred paradise for trekkers. Situated on an elevation of around more than 14,000 feet above sea level and surrounded by beautiful and rare high-altitude Himalayan flowers known as Brahma Kamal, this place can be visited very easily with the expert guidance of a guide and a helper. The divine aura of this glimmering and crystal-clear lake evokes a feeling of incredible spirituality. It is only approachable from the final road head in Gaurikund which is situated at a distance of around 24 km. Once you reach Vasuki top the main Tal or lake is just 900 metres of a downhill trek from here on.

Triyuginarayan Temple

Situated at a very comfortable distance of just 27 km from the main temple of Kedarnath Dham and 10 km from Sonprayag which is the holy pilgrimage town that falls en route Kedarnath temple. This is the holy temple where according to sacred texts it is believed that Lord Shiva was married to his eternal consort goddess Parvati. The ceremony was attended by all the prominent sages, seers and lord brahma and Vishnu as well making this place extremely pious. The ever-burning fire here around which the eternal bond can be seen burning even to present day and taking a bit of ash from here promises lifetime companionship. Although humble in outlook and architecture the significance of this place is magnanimous.


This pilgrimage town lies on the way to the temple of Kedarnath and people not only use it as a stopover point but some people who love feeling closer to nature and experience the spirituality in its real form. This is the holy place which is home to an ancient temple dedicated to goddess Parvati and is said that it is here where the goddess had meditated to a long time with the aim of simply winning the heart of Lord Shiva. Here one can not only take in the beautiful surroundings but can also take a deeply rejuvenating dip in the holy water of the naturally occurring hot water spring. Go there for the serenity and tranquillity which are the dominant features here and the visit here would definitely prove to be memorable.


Situated at a comfortable distance of around 32 km from the main holy town of Kedarnath and consisting of a working helipad here, Phata is a pilgrimage town which also falls en route to Kedarnath Dham. People choose to stay in Phata for refreshments and as a part of their accommodation as well. People also get transferred to the Kedarnath helipad via a different chopper service in Phata itself making it an important place of pilgrimage and stop over as well. The natural beauty here is untouched and extremely divine which makes spending a few days here will definitely be worth it. You should spend a few days here to get the whole and the real picture of this divine spiritual experience.


Taking a holy dip in the river here is considered to be an extremely holy ritual according to Hinduism. It is said that doing so would make the pilgrim attain the ultimate salvation or moksha. This is a wonderful and quaint little hamlet which consists of lush greenery and panoramic views of the magnificent surrounding. The famous Triyuginarayan temple can also be visited from this town. Being located in between Rudraprayag and Gaurikund this famous pilgrimage town is a must visit experience and spending some time there to get the real feel and vibe of the place.

Badrinath Overview

Area Geo Location Population Average Climate State District Language Best Time to Visit Pin Code STD Code
3 km2 (1 sq mi) North India 2,438 (2011) -5 °C - 10 °C Uttarakhand Chamoli Hindi, Garhwali, Kumauni April to November 246422 01381